Dr. Nitish Anchal

Dr. Nitish Anchal

Specialities: Vascular Surgeon

Degree: MBBS, MS - General Surgery, FNB- Peripheral Vascular Surgery

Experience: 18 years

About Us – Dr. Nitish Anchal


One of the best vascular and endovascular surgeons in Delhi, NCR. With over 18 years of experience, Dr Nitish knows his way around procedures such as vascular and endovascular surgery, aortofemoral bypass surgery, femoral angioplasty, varicose veins treatment, aneurysm surgery, stent-grafts, carotid stenting, sclerotherapy and cerebrovascular surgery. He has published many research papers and is well-known in his field as an expert. The human body needs oxygenated blood to survive. If the arteries become hard or are blocked, the blood finds it difficult to reach different parts of the body, causing serious health issues. Vascular and endovascular doctors such as Dr Anchal are specialized in this complex field. They are the best choice when you have issues with blood circulation, as they are trained to deal with such problems.
Vascular surgeons such as Dr Nitish will conduct a physical exam followed by tests to gauge the condition of your arteries. They may treat you with exercise and medication or surgery if the blockage is severe. As Dr N Anchal believes in using minimally invasive surgery, recovery is much faster.

Professional Memberships

 Life Member Vascular surgery of India
 Delhi Medical Council

Research and Publications
 Parathyroid Cyst A Rare Diagnosis of A Neck Swelling: N. Kaur, S. Saha, Nitish Anchal (2009)
 Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, August .2009 B: 1679-1681
 Antral Mucosal Valve; a rare cause of gastric outlet obstruction in newborn, A. Pratap, A. Tiwari,
C. Agrawal, Pramod Shreshta, Nitish Anchal, V.Shakya – The Journal of Paediatric Surgery
 Falciform ligament abscess with portal Pyemia in a new-born – A. Pratap, A. Tiwari V. Shakya,
Journal of Paediatric Surgery (2006)
 Mature solid teratoma of the rectum: Report of a case, B.Kumar, Manoj Kumar, R.Sen, Nitish
Anchal, 28 November 2008
 Complex posterior urethral disruptions: management by combined abdominal transphobic
perineal urethroplasty.
 Annular Pancreas: An Unusual Presentation.- Nitish Anchal, Prithpal Singh, Saket Goel, S.Sikka,
Deepshikha Arora, D. Govil Apollo Medicine (1 December 2010)
 Vascular Surgeon
 MBBS , Kuvempu Univerisity , 1998
 MS – General Surgery , Manipal Academy Of Higher Education, Manipal , 2002
 FNB- Peripheral Vascular Surgery , Rajiv Gandi University of Health Sciences , 2013